Saturday, March 05, 2011

I have lots in my head these days, but every time I try to articulate it and it doesn't work.  As Tara blogged about a little while ago we are in transition.  I will finish as pastor of Timbers Community Church no later then the end of June.  This was not a surprise to us.  I was in discussion about what was going on with our church all the way through.  In fact, we were struggling with the idea of taking a salary when our church hasn't generated enough revenue to support it.  There would've been time and space to continue for a period of time, but it seemed unwise.  So changes are coming to both our Timbers family and our immediate family.

What and where? Don't know.  We'll see.  I have learned a lot in the short time we've been here.  We have truly enjoyed it here.  And we wait to see what God has in store for us next.  Wherever that may be.

In other news, I got a suitcase full of cameras the other day.  How much fun is that?