Friday, September 28, 2007


I found a website today that has photography based comic strip. Very funny stuff.

I thought that this one is applicable to all of us.

And this one is just funny.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Update: Q-Ray

A while ago I posted about trying out a Q-Ray bracelet. I thought I would update you all on how that was going. Well the bracelet in question is a "official" Q-Ray bracelet it is as far as I can tell this one.

My experience? Well, I like the appearance of the bracelet (although my wife called it a man bracelet - I'm not sure what that means). For the best function of these bracelets I understand you are to wear them "contacts" (the ends) up on your right arm or down on your left. As I don't want to short circuit the bracelet I have I have found though that I do not wear the bracelet as often as I expected because it doesn't lie flat on my wrist. This is no problem if I'm up and about, but as soon as I sit down at my computer and try to use the mouse or type at the keyboard I have found that because the bracelet does not lie flat it gets in the way. Then I would take it off and forget to put it back on later. (Forgetting things is not uncommon to me).

However, when I did wear the bracelet I did notice something. I'm not even sure I can tell you how it felt, but there was a difference, mostly in alertness in the morning, I think... I really am not sure that I could quantitatively or qualitatively describe the difference between wearing it and not wearing it.

The big question though - will I buy one? Not this model certainly. Another model at the right price? Perhaps. My issue is that I tend to dislike wearing things on my wrists (when was the last time you saw me with a watch on?). Do I think they work? That depends on what you were hoping for. I was not truthfully expecting much, but I did sense they were doing something. As I said in the original post, I am merely borrowing this one for the time being; whether I buy one or not will depend on whether I can find one that fits better and that fits into our limited budget.

So there you have it, a slightly indifferent but positive review... you can now resume your regularly schedule lives.


Today will require coffee.
Today would have been better had there been more sleep.
Today will be long (I know this because I've been up for more than two hours and it's eight thirty)
Today is cloudy and wet.
Today I realized that sometimes I think people can read my thoughts.
Today I realized that sometimes I think other people should contact me instead of me having to contact them.
Today I am reminded that life is rarely black and white.
Today I will pray some, play some and try and find a smile or two.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Practicing writing...

One of the reasons I started a blog was to practice writing. I like writing, or more accurately I like the idea of writing. Does my lack of posting reflect a lack of thoughts? Perhaps, but more likely is the fact that my lack of writing has a great deal more to do with me wanting (or in this case not wanting) to share my thoughts.

Today I sat down with one of the guys on the ordaining council. He was coming through Tisdale to see his parents and then tomorrow he and I and five other pastors are meeting for a day or so of peer to peer care. He walked me through a little bit of what to expect at my ordination interview. While at first glance the idea of sitting in front of nine or ten other guys, show and defend what I know might seem intimidating; I was encouraged.

I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with things and then shut down. A silly response to be sure. I have so much to do that I will sit and watch out the window at that butterfly is a illogical and unwise use of time and effort. It is however my predisposition. Talking things through with this gentleman (and scholar I might add...) made me realize that most of the stuff is already in my head, it's just floating around a little too much. I need to try and nail it all down and tighten it all up so that when someone asks me about the difference between the first and the second resurrection I don't go slack jawed glassy eyed drool coming out of my mouth and say: "Jesus is my friend." (Which he is but that's off topic)

I hope the rest of my week is as encouraging as that was.
Tomorrow I'm off to SPN (Senior Pastor's Network) overnight. Bring on the good conversation and prayer - I'm always up for more.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

More on taking pictures...

I often enter a weekly online photo contest. I rarely get any votes for my photos from the members of the group. Rightly so, as my photos are not of the same caliber as many there; but this week I'm in a three way tie for the win!

The theme for the week was "abstract", I doubt I'll win as I like some of the other pictures better, but for what it's worth, here's my photo.

life is a blurry twisting affair
(Clicking on the photo will take you to my Flickr page where it's hosted.)

I was not even going to post it, but Tara said she liked it and I had taken it for the contest so I entered it. I'm pleased.

a great blog post...

... will be found somewhere else. Specifically HERE. This question resonated with me and I felt it was a question that my vast readership (I'm averaging 6 visits a day! Wahoo! - I really am pleased with that actually) needed to see the question. Discuss here on my blog, or simply respond on the original blog.