Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nipawin for lunch the q-ray experiment

Today I went to Nipawin to visit Dan Esau the new(ish) pastor of Nipawin Alliance Church. Good times. As far as I'm concerned it's good to get together with people doing the same thing as you are. Thanks Dan for a great afternoon.

As we were walking around I noticed that more than a few of the shops down the main drag in Nipawin had particle board over their windows. Turns out some guy went down the sidewalk with an axe and smashed out store windows. Even more crazy then that was that he did it at about 8:45pm, while it was still light out.

After lunch with Dan I headed to see a guy in our church who owns a jewelry store in Nipawin. His windows had been smashed out as well. It had been a long day for him and his staff. They had to come in late last night and try to clean up as best they could. THey did have help though. He told me that there were a number of people from the community who showed up to help them clean up!

As we visited we got talking about these Q-Ray bracelets. They're supposed to help your body with "stuff". All kinds of different things they're supposed to do. I had talked to Tim about these before and he says that for him they help. So he lent me one to try it out. So I'm on day one of my own trial of the Q-ray bracelet. He lent me one of his old ones for a month. I think he's pretty sure that I'll be buying one at the end of that time, but we'll see.

Tara asked me why I had a man bracelet on when I got home. Apparently I don't wear jewelry at all, ever.. so to "sneak" this one by wouldn't work.

Do I feel any different after a few hours? I'm not sure, maybe, but that could just be from the two great visits I had today, I always feel good after I've had some good talks with people. We'll see.


Doug & Carol Woon said...

Hello from Tokyo!

Just saw a link to your blog on Heather's blog. Even we have a blog now, so it must be catching on! (Easiest way to get on the web, I think)

See you at Assembly next year.


Amy Michelle said...

Hi Doug. Cool how the internet works...I googled "Dan Esau" to get his new email in Nipawin (so I could send him a dog video), and your blog entry is at the top of the list. I went to CHBC with Tara. I called her Aphrodite. Will you tell her the former Amy Kerr sends greetings from Lethbridge? I just got married this year to Garth Genesis, another CHBCer. Small world. (Dan used to be my pastor.)