Saturday, May 14, 2011

Through the fence

Ever feel like you don't know?  We're in a season right now of transition.  The time at which some of these changes will happen feel very imminent.  I've noticed that when you start to feel the stress and the pressure (and make no mistake - we feel it), you become somewhat fixated on it all.  It feels as if the one pressing question eclipses all the other answers you have in life.  

So I feel like I don't know much of anything.  Which is not all that true, it's just I feel that way.  I wish I knew more about what God was doing.  As I wrote to someone in an email the other day, I catch glimpses of God behind the stuff I see, moving about, but there's so much in the way I can't tell what's he doing or where he's going.

It's like watching a neighbour through a wooden slat fence.  You see slivers of a person moving here and there, but you can't tell what they're doing or working on.  

So ya, He's there.  And that's good (in the very best and largest sense of that word).  In many ways we're in a better place in this transition then we have been in the other ones in our life.  But .....

So God is there.  And while I still feel like there's lots I don't know.  I working at choosing to trust.
The one thing I keep 'hearing' from God, or perhaps the better way of expressing it is, the one thing that I keep going back to in my thoughts, is:
I'm forgiven.
Which is a good thing to reflect on, if you're needing something to reflect on...
Trusting. Forgiven.  Waiting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Us May 2011

We went and played at Sandy Beach today.  I took some photos.  It was fun.