Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me, a pastor, on the church and 'Cheers'

As my family and I start to work through the transitions of our lives; finishing at one church and anticipating starting at another; I have a few thoughts.  Add to that we are in annual meeting time when we write reports and reflect and plan for the future there is a few thoughts banging around in the grey fluffy bits between my ears.

Randall wrote a post yesterday about overhearing a group of pastors discussing things in a bookstore today.  His post pushed the thoughts that have been brewing down below to the surface of my mind.

Let me start by saying this - I love the church.  Really I do.  
For some people I know this is perhaps the most unbelievable thing I could write.  The church is a place that sometimes is a hard place to be.  We are sometimes hurt by what happens in church.  

But as I reflect on my journey, for all the things that at times drive me crazy about the church and about her people; I also know that without her I would not know God as I do today.  I became a pastor because I felt like it was through the church that God reached out and made Himself known to me.  Because of all that, I think the purpose of the church is the single most important thing going on here on the big blue marble called earth.

Often I think the most important thing I can do to help the church is simply to love her and her people.  

As a young(er) person I would (like many) watch "Cheers".  I think one of the things I (and likely many others) liked about that show was that idea that despite all the stuff that is going on in life there was a place of friends you could go to be together and hang out.  

I have always really like the theme song from Cheers written by Gary Portnoy , the show only ever played the first verse of the song, but here's the whole song.

Makin' your way in the world today
Takes everything you've got
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot
Wouldn't you like to get away?

All those nights when you've got no lights
The check is in the mail
And your little angel
Hung the cat up by it's tail
And your third fiance didn't show

Sometimes you wanna go
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
And they're always glad you came
You wanna be where you can see
Our troubles are all the same
You wanna be Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Climbing the walls when no one calls
You've lost at love again
And the more you're down and out
The more you need a friend
When you long to hear a kind hello

Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee's dead
The morning's looking bright
And your shrink ran off to Europe
And didn't even write
And your husband wants to be a girl

Be glad there's one place in the world
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
And they're always glad you came
You wanna go where people know
People are all the same
You wanna go Where Everybody Knows Your Name 

I think the song is a longing, a desire to go somewhere where people accept you as is.  Where you can just 'be'.  I think that's my prayer for the church.  That we would be like Cheers, no, not in the womanizing beer drinking way, but in the way where people can come and gather and be accepted, and dare I say, even loved, as disfunctional and as messed up as we are.  To me that's the great promise of the gospel; that I'm loved just as I am, and more than that Jesus loves me so much he doesn't leave me where I am but helps me grow and become more.

I hope these ramblings make sense to another mind besides my own...

Here's the song (or a part of it anyways)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Things are looking up!

So we received word today that Aiden will be able to get the assessement appointment seven months early!  With our upcoming move it appears that the powers that be decided it would be great to get this thing done with before we move!  To say that this is an exciting thing doesn't convey the relief and thankfulness my wife and I have (she talks about it here).  So we will be heading to an appointment at the end of February before we move to another province.  I am thankful beyond words (literally).  

We have had "un"official diagnosis' that Aiden has a high functioning autism spectrum disorder, likely Aspergers Syndrome, or perhaps a sensory intergration disorder.  Which essentially means that among other things he experiences the world slightly different than the rest of us.  His responses to some things are sometimes disproportional to whatever the stress is.  All of us are learning what all that means and some things to help him thrive here at home and at school instead of conflict over behaviour.  

Aiden by soft window light
Here is a photo I took of him the other day.   
So I'm thankful, it's miraculous that this came about.


Since mid December my photoblog has been locked by blogger as they felt it was being fed by some kind of spam bot.  After a month and three attempts to prove I was not a spam bot it has been released by the collective that is blogger and I have been able to post again on there.

So there, if you're interested, go check it out.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Under the bed

So, true story...

The other night we put the boys to bed and after turning out the light Owen called me in and told me there were alligators under his bed.  He then asked me to pray that there would be no alligators under his bed, because asking Jesus to help was the only way to fix it, so we prayed.   He was greatly relieved.  

As I said good night again and was walking out the door Aiden (who is in the top bunk) said with a sly tone: "Owen is under my bed".

I thought it was funny...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some news from us



This morning it was announced that I am resigning from our church here and will soon move to another community to Pastor a church there.  It has been a very interesting journey to get to this point.  I am excited at what the future will hold, I’m sad to be leaving the people here that have become apart of our lives.  There have been so many changes in our lives here.  Owen could barely crawl when we arrived here, now he’s a very active five year old.  Aiden turns seven at the end of April.  We have a two year old little girl!!  I’m ordained now.  Tara started blogging.  The transition is more than slightly overwhelming.  Packing up house and moving is going to be a job (did you know I strongly dislike moving?!), but we think this is very much the thing we are to do.

 If you’re the praying type, you can pray for us, pray for the church we’re saying goodbye to and pray for the church who will be accepting us in March.

 Lots of emotions to go through between now and then, but for now, I’m at peace.

So, if you didn’t already, now you know what’s going on with us.