Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some news from us



This morning it was announced that I am resigning from our church here and will soon move to another community to Pastor a church there.  It has been a very interesting journey to get to this point.  I am excited at what the future will hold, I’m sad to be leaving the people here that have become apart of our lives.  There have been so many changes in our lives here.  Owen could barely crawl when we arrived here, now he’s a very active five year old.  Aiden turns seven at the end of April.  We have a two year old little girl!!  I’m ordained now.  Tara started blogging.  The transition is more than slightly overwhelming.  Packing up house and moving is going to be a job (did you know I strongly dislike moving?!), but we think this is very much the thing we are to do.

 If you’re the praying type, you can pray for us, pray for the church we’re saying goodbye to and pray for the church who will be accepting us in March.

 Lots of emotions to go through between now and then, but for now, I’m at peace.

So, if you didn’t already, now you know what’s going on with us.


dlyn said...

Will be praying for you guys Doug & Tara - that God's blessing will abound on you and all you touch.

Randall said...

Well, though the road ahead will not be easy, as I have learned, I know God goes with you.

Part of the great blessing of ministry is to be where you are a good fit with the church. Sometimes, because we or the church grow, the fit changes. My prayer for you guys and the church is that you will be in places with people that will fit you well for where you are.

Blessings you guys, and may God smooth the road before you.


and Hi to Tara.

Oma aka Meme said...

yes, I will pray for you and your dear wife who has be sick- I am trusting that she feel better asap
hugs from Meme

Alan said...

Stumbled across your blog from flickr, and that from Strobist, and just wanted to wish you and your family the best of luck. Relocating is always hard, especially when you've been as invested as it seems you have been in your community.

God bless,