Tuesday, July 31, 2007

on blogging...

So for the few people who still happen by here on occasion (hi Tara, hi Mum!) I have decided to try and simply write something. I'm not sure what's going to come out.
Today is our eighth anniversary. It was ... anticlimactic. Of the things that happened to day - I took the van in to see about the air-conditioning. It had been "sorta" working- which also means that it was not working very well at all. I thought it needed to have the refrigerant recharged. It was not lacking refrigerant. What is lacks is a properly functioning compressor pump. Which according to the estimate they handed me is like a fifth of the value we paid for the van in the first place. In response to that I have only one legitimate response: EEK!
The second thing that is of note today is that we have in our house a kitten. He is very cute. He is very playful. He is as of yet unnamed. For more on the name scenario and for a few pictures click over to my wife's blog for today.
I also finished the newest Harry Potter novel the other day. The seventh and final book of the series. I won't give anything away other than to tell you it would help you to read the first six books to get the seventh. I know, I'll be lambasted by those who haven't read the book yet for not labeling those particularly vivid spoilers.
For those who care... I expect I will be putting some new pictures up on my Flickr page soon.
I have been taking quite a few pictures recently (if you count our family vacation pictures literally thousands but that's another story), my issue is which ones to post. Ah, well, we'll see what gets put up and what gets tossed, well, I'll see what got tossed, you won't.

Hope you're having an above average Tuesday (and for those in Newfoundland- Wednesday).

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Anyone out there still here? I've been absent as I haven't had anything decent to say and for the last three weeks I've been on holidays. We went back to Ontario, a week in Ottawa, a week in Southern Ontario, another week in Ottawa. Good times. We hit museums, saw fireworks, played lots, drove around lots (Thanks Mom for letting us use your car!!) and generally did stuff that families do.
I took almost three thousand pictures too. Ya, really. Well, 2767 if memory serves. I have to sort through them. Most are "meh", some are great.

My yard is a jungle. Hacked a lot of that away tonight. More to do, but that will wait until next week. I'm off to North Battleford tomorrow to conduct a wedding.

Likely there'll be some pictures of flax fields or canola or something, driving on the prairies this time of year is beautiful (we've done some this week let me tell you).

Oh, and gas in Ottawa (as of Tuesday morning) was 98.5 cents a litre - to Saskatoon's 119.9 cents a litre. So all of you folks in Ontario don't complain about fuel. Oh well, we don't sit in traffic though. I digress, and my bed is calling me.

Hope you missed me. I'll be back....