Thursday, July 19, 2007


Anyone out there still here? I've been absent as I haven't had anything decent to say and for the last three weeks I've been on holidays. We went back to Ontario, a week in Ottawa, a week in Southern Ontario, another week in Ottawa. Good times. We hit museums, saw fireworks, played lots, drove around lots (Thanks Mom for letting us use your car!!) and generally did stuff that families do.
I took almost three thousand pictures too. Ya, really. Well, 2767 if memory serves. I have to sort through them. Most are "meh", some are great.

My yard is a jungle. Hacked a lot of that away tonight. More to do, but that will wait until next week. I'm off to North Battleford tomorrow to conduct a wedding.

Likely there'll be some pictures of flax fields or canola or something, driving on the prairies this time of year is beautiful (we've done some this week let me tell you).

Oh, and gas in Ottawa (as of Tuesday morning) was 98.5 cents a litre - to Saskatoon's 119.9 cents a litre. So all of you folks in Ontario don't complain about fuel. Oh well, we don't sit in traffic though. I digress, and my bed is calling me.

Hope you missed me. I'll be back....


Tara said...

Ok honey. You really need to actually write in your blog more often. Every day. Just try. I like reading your thoughts. And you don't have to be pastor Doug in your blog. You can be Doug the dad or Doug the photographer or Doug the husband of the crazy postpartum wife. You can even write about me. I won't be mad. Trust me, it is excellent therapy. I love you.

debrowns said...

I still check your blog (even if I rarely leave a comment). I was going to suggest you blog as Doug the RA but then I thought that might bring out stories of me (remember the bouncy ball...ouch!), so don't blog about that. Anyway, I'm still reading.