Sunday, March 08, 2009

The new Sunday routine

So here it is the first Sunday I will be preaching at this new-to-me church and I've been at home all morning.  No, I'm not sick, but it is starting to sink in a little more that having the church service in the evening feels very different then having it in the morning.

So today we have the first Sunday where I will preach a 'full' sermon and then we'll have a membership meeting to talk about some stuff before the AGM next week.  I am so lucky, this year I get TWO annual general meetings!  Although really it appears that both meetings will be great fun.  

So despite everything feeling very different and foreign, today seems like a good day.  Gotta run out in a little while to pick up some ink cartridges so I can print out my sermon notes... we have ink, somewhere in a box, so rather than dig through the maze of boxes for another small box, I'm going to the big store where someone in a blue smock can tell me where the small boxes are and I'll give another person in blue some money and we'll come home and try printing.  

I hope today has been good for you.  

Saturday, March 07, 2009


So I had expected to have more written on here in the last few days.  In time I'd like to take some new pictures to update the blog layout (haven't done that yet if you're reading this through RSS). 
There's been lots going on, mostly involving boxes and moving the things in them around throughout the house.  We're enjoying the house.  I'm doing my best to enjoy what's happening 'now' without worrying about what's next.  
I'm trusting that God is working behind the scenes so that the things I will bring on Sunday to this new (to us) group of people would be helpful and encouraging.  
So for those asking, things are good.  Lots to do, unpacking, there's some extra parenting required these days as the kids are all over the map.  There's peopel to have coffee and meals with.  There's things to learn (mostly on my part).  
I'm thankful.  I'm trying to be patient.  I'm hopeful.  I'm kinda tired.  I wonder about those we left. 
But moving is like that...
So, I'm soaking things up, trying to cope and learn and laugh, and today, I've had LOTS of coffee.  

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Well the move is done.  The unpacking, whilst underway, is not done.  First service is over, first leadership meeting is done and we now have internet at home.  I also can claim that I had the first blog post in this house!  That may not sound like much of a boast, but when it comes to blogging I come a distant second place to her.

So far, things are good.  I'm tired, but good.  There seems to be lots to do at home, at the church but I'm very thankful.  I'll write more soon...  stay tuned.