Sunday, March 08, 2009

The new Sunday routine

So here it is the first Sunday I will be preaching at this new-to-me church and I've been at home all morning.  No, I'm not sick, but it is starting to sink in a little more that having the church service in the evening feels very different then having it in the morning.

So today we have the first Sunday where I will preach a 'full' sermon and then we'll have a membership meeting to talk about some stuff before the AGM next week.  I am so lucky, this year I get TWO annual general meetings!  Although really it appears that both meetings will be great fun.  

So despite everything feeling very different and foreign, today seems like a good day.  Gotta run out in a little while to pick up some ink cartridges so I can print out my sermon notes... we have ink, somewhere in a box, so rather than dig through the maze of boxes for another small box, I'm going to the big store where someone in a blue smock can tell me where the small boxes are and I'll give another person in blue some money and we'll come home and try printing.  

I hope today has been good for you.  

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