Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Practicing writing...

One of the reasons I started a blog was to practice writing. I like writing, or more accurately I like the idea of writing. Does my lack of posting reflect a lack of thoughts? Perhaps, but more likely is the fact that my lack of writing has a great deal more to do with me wanting (or in this case not wanting) to share my thoughts.

Today I sat down with one of the guys on the ordaining council. He was coming through Tisdale to see his parents and then tomorrow he and I and five other pastors are meeting for a day or so of peer to peer care. He walked me through a little bit of what to expect at my ordination interview. While at first glance the idea of sitting in front of nine or ten other guys, show and defend what I know might seem intimidating; I was encouraged.

I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with things and then shut down. A silly response to be sure. I have so much to do that I will sit and watch out the window at that butterfly is a illogical and unwise use of time and effort. It is however my predisposition. Talking things through with this gentleman (and scholar I might add...) made me realize that most of the stuff is already in my head, it's just floating around a little too much. I need to try and nail it all down and tighten it all up so that when someone asks me about the difference between the first and the second resurrection I don't go slack jawed glassy eyed drool coming out of my mouth and say: "Jesus is my friend." (Which he is but that's off topic)

I hope the rest of my week is as encouraging as that was.
Tomorrow I'm off to SPN (Senior Pastor's Network) overnight. Bring on the good conversation and prayer - I'm always up for more.

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