Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boredom vs hope

I may or may not have anything intelligent to say in this post.

Two of the thoughts that have been in my head today have been about boredom (explain more momentarily) and hope.

By boredom I mean, every once in a while I feel a little like I'm bored with my spiritual life. I emphasize feel, because my mind often is chewing on things, and there are the challenges of applying faith to the myriad of situations that I face day to day. But sometimes there's a feeling almost like, "meh, been there done that."

The only thing that I think intellectually counters this dangerous (in my mind anyways) condition is resting in the hope we have in Christ. Often this works for me on an emotional level too, but not always. I do not like to disregard my feelings or "stuff" them, but I do not like to be held hostage by them either.

I think boredom and hopelessness are related, I don't know how, but I think they are. Take that for what it's worth.

Then again, I'm tired. Sleep does wonders for the body and mind. So good night.

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