Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I thought I would share with you all one of the things we did in youth group a while ago.

You can find it on "google documents" here.

It is a youth event I call "Labyrinth". It started out after I found Youth for Christ's online labyrinth (here)and as my take on some of the popular curriculum out there (like this one) and . I took those sources and tweaked them some.
After I had run this a few times and there were some things I wanted to change. So I did. This last Friday was the third time we have tried this with the youth group here in Tisdale (I had run this a few times in Stoney Creek too) and I rewrote a bunch of it. I unashamedly took some things from a blogger in Prince Albert (here - thanks Randall!)

I am always surprised at how our students take to this. I thought this last time everyone was going to be way to rowdy to run with this... but it went well. I hope that there was blessing to the kids who took part.

For anyone who wants to, use whatever you want. If you're interested in the word document (that is far more formatted than Blogger/google docs will allow me to) shoot me an email or hit me the comments section. I had to remove much of the clipart. The only thing I ask is that you don't make money off this. (I know most of you reading this won't... but this is the web).

A quick run down.
11 stations. The first 5 prepare you for the sixth, the last 5 are to prepare you for "normal life" after the sixth station. What's the sixth station? Silence. In a previous version I called that station "Holy Space". I might go back to that title.

Each station is designed to be something you read through and then on many of them there are exercises. From washing your hands to dropping rocks in water, writing/drawing symbols of things in your life, lighting a candle, leaving footprints in some sand.

Hope this all finds you well on your own spiritual journey in this life.

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