Saturday, December 27, 2008

Turkey troubles

Every time we have a 'big' meal, like thanksgiving or Christmas there always seems to be something going on with the turkey.

Anyways, this year I bought a bigger bird than I normally get, usually I buy the smallest one I can find.  Bought it brought it home stuck it in the freezer and put it in the basement fridge on the twenty-first.  I figured four days in there would give us a thawed bird to roast.  Not so much.  I should have checked on it in that time but didn't.  I found a not rock hard frozen turkey but a kinda of softish frozen turkey.  A quick search on the internet found this web page about cooking a turkey from frozen.  We tried it, I mean what choice did we have?

It turned out very well actually.  Rave reviews from Tara and my mother in law and even our guests thought it was good.    This particular turkey was the fattest thing I have ever seen that used to have feathers.  I mean wow, drippings like crazy, we could have made more than four cups of gravy.  

So that's the turkey story of 2008.


Tarasview said...

it was a delightful turkey :)

Amanda Daybyday said...

I love you guys that cook the big fancy meals. Brian always cooks the turkey in our house. For as much as I do in the kitchen...a turkey dinner cooked by me would not likely come out overly well. I wouldn't really know where to start.

So...I'm glad your turkey turned out well Doug...but even if it hadn' would still have deserved a lot of credit.

Anonymous said...

I think it may have been the best turkey ever! In fact, perhaps this is a superior way to cook turkey and much less fussy than the old way. But to do so you must have an ancient fridge which sits in a coldroom and has unreliable controls. It's all in the recipe!!!
With thanks,Patricia.

dave said...

mmm. i love turkey. Our turkey disappeared all too quickly. Have you got any left? can I come over for a turkey sammich?