Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years & the Bible

Study 2So as you get ready to start a new year, what are you hoping to do? I don't like the word resolutions because, to me, resolutions seems doomed from the start. I have always heard of more people breaking their resolutions then following through on them. I know it's not the word's fault, but I avoid using it anyways.

Sunday night at church we talked a little about making sure your devotional life is improving as we head to the New Year.  In light of that, I thought I would share some online resources.  You don't have to use the computer to read your Bible, you could just grab a Bible and start reading.  Write down notes and questions on a scrap of paper.  However, if you're the type that likes to use your computer or handheld, read on for two sites that have lots to offer that might be of help.  These are two that I use, there's likely many more that are just as good or better...

Reading Plans
Audio Bible, Study tools - Both are included in the browser window
Mobile Page

Bible Gateway
Reading Plans

For what it's worth I will be starting one of the reading plans this week.  Maybe, even more than one.

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Tarasview said...

yes. very good plan.