Friday, March 05, 2010

Me & the OPP

Interesting thing happened today.  I went to Winnipeg today on behalf of a local greenhouse (owned by some folks in our church) to pick up boxes of live plants.  I got picked up at 7:30am to go and pick up the rental van they were getting for me.  A very nice 2009 Dodge Caravan (the van is important in this story just go along with me here).  Picked up the van, went and got a Timmy's coffee for the drive and off we went to Winnipeg.  
I was driving one van and another couple was driving a second larger cargo van.  Picked up the plants in the 'Peg, had lunch and while the other van went to pick up some other supplies, I was full of plants and set off for home (after a quick stop at a camera store  ).  
Coming across the Manitoba/Ontario border I made a mistake.  Well, I failed to realize that the speed limit on highway 17 there is 90 km/h.  I was going too fast.  How fast? Fast enough to get pulled over by a member of the Ontario Provincial Police.  Doh.  
   Now I learned a long time ago, that it's best to have the stuff you know you're going to need ready for an officer.  So I got the rental papers and my license ready and opened the window.  I left the motor running as I was concerned about all the plants in the van.  As this officer approached the van I could hear her give the license plate to the dispatch officer on the other end of her radio.  All of a sudden she turned and returned to her patrol car, and said to me as she went, "Just wait in the vehicle sir, I'll be with you in a minute" (or something to that effect).  A short time later there was two other OPP cars very quickly approaching me and then boxing my van in.  As if I intended on going anywhere.  
  Then they proceeded to ask me to exit the vehicle with my hands in plain sight.  I did so.  Then I was told to put my hands on my head and then the top of the van.  Then I was quickly patted down for concealed weapons.  I was then told I was being detained for possession of stolen property.  


Detained for possession of stolen property.  Turns out, this van was reported as stolen by the rental company who owns the van.  I was then firmly, but not harshly, handcuffed and asked to sit in the back seat of a patrol car.  The car I was in was then moved a short ways away as it was blocking the eastbound lane of the TransCanada.  I could not see what they were doing as the car was facing away from the van, but at one point I turned (uncomfortably - I might add) and saw the back hatch of the van open. I counted 3 marked patrol cars and one unmarked patrol car.  Apparently this is a big deal this thing I'm involved in is.  So now, apparently, I was in possession of a stolen van, that was full to the roof with valuable plants.  Plants intended for distribution and sale in the city of Dryden.  I did not see them open any boxes, but I'm sure they felt compelled to check what kind of plants where in at least one or two of the 25+ large boxes of plants in the van.  

In time, it was established that the van had been reported as stolen some time before.  Except that the rental company had retrieved the vehicle back from another town four weeks previous and had failed to inform the OPP that the van was no longer stolen.  So when they routinely ran the plates of the van I had rented with dispatch, it was flagged.  They then responded as they are supposed to with a person with a stolen van.  The were polite but firm.  In the end they apologized, they did not give me the speeding ticket that I rightly deserved and sent me on my way.  I believe I mumbled a "sorry" and "thankyou" and walked back the van stunned.  

The speed limit the remainder of the drive home was 90 km/h, I had the cruise set at 88 km/h.  So now I know, and have respect for, the way police around here deal with suspects with stolen property.

There are at least a few people I know that will find this story at least mildly amusing.

What did you do today?

For the record - Dale - I was detained, not arrested; and no I do not have any video, I thought it would rude to ask them to bring me my phone and undo my handcuffs to video the experience.  


Tarasview said...

bwahahahahahahahahaha....I love you honey, even if you are a felon :)

Shoz said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!! This story has made my day!!! Possibly my whole weekend, if not longer!!! "Pastor Arrested for possession of a stolen van full of Expensive plants!" Perfect!!!!!

the Doug said...

detained... not arrested.

Little Missus Sunshine said...

I'm trying to imagine this story if it had happened to John. I'm sure he would have had a good laugh about it. Sorry you had to go through it, but what a fabulous story you have to share now!!

Melissa said...

Free rental?!? That is crazy.

Patricia Ward said...

Well, you have certainly created entertainment for a lot of people on the net! I'm just glad they didn't throw you down on the ground - bad enuf they scratched your wrists with the cuffs. Lucky you for not getting a speeding ticket - I guess that would have been just too much humiliation to heap on you!!! It's only hilarious because we know you Doug!

Su-Ann said...

I was waiting for you to say that some of the plants were suspected marijuana plants or something... but even without that.. the story is pretty darn funny!! Thanks for the good laugh!!

Richard Siemens said...

Wait a second. Four cop cars showed up?! Four?! I admit I haven't seen you in a number of years, but I don't remember you looking all that dangerous. :)

Glad you came out the other end relatively unscathed. And now you have a cool story to tell.

Anonymous said...

I am just relatively new to this facebooking and I am not sure if I will get this comment to you but it will be worth it if I can. What a hoot! It sounds like you haven't changed since I saw you at Youth Group in Tisdale and that is a good thing. If you ever decide to take up a hobby it definitely needs to be writing!

Amanda Daybyday said...

I know I'm like a week late in commenting here, but Doug, that is SO very funny. hee hee. Glad it was cleared up relatively fast, but really Pastor Doug, that is an awesome story.

Christy said...

Oh Doug, this story made me laugh!

Greg Dermody said...

Too Funny Doug!

We missing doing little things and never think of the repercussions for others.

Glad it worked out okay. Ask me sometime about a similar event that happened to me.