Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what do you write pt 2

So Sunday began as many Sundays do for me. Going over to the church to make sure everything is ready for our service. And if I do say so, it was an excellent day. Service went well, smoothly, I didn't fall off the platform or cause any major (or minor for that matter) catastrophe and it even seemed like people were listening to my preaching.
Sunday afternoon we had a bbq out at a family farm. Just a time to eat, talk and watch the kiddies run around outside and play. We enjoyed ourselves more than I expected us too. Often on Sundays after preaching I am "talked" out; where I am not much for conversation and routinely seek out quiet and solitude. Perhaps some of you other pastor types will be able to identify with that. In the rest of life, I am rarely talked out. I normally enjoy talking to and being with people, but for some reason Sundays aren't quite like that. And even though I didn't talk as much as normal, I was very much pleased with the day.
That was my Sunday.

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