Thursday, September 28, 2006

Water & Powder

So I know it's been awhile since I posted and my readership is probably quite low. However I will press on. For those who live in Saskatchewan you are aware that it's been very wet weather we've had recently. Well, it's been wet at our house too. Somehow one of the boys socks got in the drain in the floor in the basement and we didn't notice until the dishwasher and the washing machine had done a load each (with all the waste water flooding the floor in our basement!!). So we flooded our own house!! Then one of the boys spilt water on one of Tara's bibles and then on a journal. So we had a water themed day this week.

Then a little later in the week our boys decided it would be fun to play with baby powder. They thought it was great stuff and proceeded to empty more than 2/3rds of a LARGE Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder into various parts of our bedroom. Including, but not limited to our bed, the closet, the clothes in the closet, the clean clothes in the laundry basket, the heating vent, the walls, under the bed, onto books, they tried to get it in my camera bag and pretty much anywhere else their little minds thought would be good. My house smells of baby freshness. So if you see me with wrinkly clothes that smell a little of baby powder, you know why.

Also, Randall has had some excellent referrals to articles in the last week or two. Check it out.

Also for those who care... I found via here, a site that will let you watch any episode of the Simpsons at any time for nothing. Oh dear, I'm sure someone will get in trouble for doing that, but for Simpson fans, getting things done just got harder.

To quote a tshirt I saw once....Procrastinators UNITE... tomorrow.


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