Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feeling sick

Man, being sick stinks. (Sometimes literally)
On to other things....
Got another email from John Piper (a mass email)
Where are we going? Is it not incredibly how easily we can be distracted? Now for those who know me, distracting me is not a difficult task in the least. However, as I read part of that article:

"But was I doing that? Or was I drifting into the very fascination and desire that makes God feel remote and the Bible unattractive and heaven irrelevant and hell inconceivable?"

Do we not all get to this point sometimes? Where things are just not easy. The good things we know we should want to do, seem boring and difficult. The things we want to do are not necessarily "bad" but they are just besides the point.

Might I encourage myself along with you, do what you know you should. Don't do what you know you should not do. If we all would start there... if I would only start there...

Dear Lord,
Please capture my imagination such that all else fades away.

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