Friday, November 17, 2006

Hope in pdas?

As I begin this post I realize that it’s been over 2 weeks since my last one. I enjoy blogging but find it difficult to begin a post and then say something of relevance to even the small audience (I’m assuming) of this blog.

My family is getting ready (or so we think) for our new arrival which should be happening on or before the 28th of November. If Tara doesn’t go into labour, the doctor will induce on that day. Excitement, nervousness and a sense of being overwhelmed are the emotional landscape.

I want to share a few thoughts on hope. These are entirely from my own head and have little or nothing to do with anyone else’s writings or words, the disclaimer out of the way…

What is it that we have hope for?

In a way of background; about a year ago my PDA (little handheld organizer thingy) stopped working. It was a bummer. I enjoyed using (and playing with) that thing. I could not justify the cost of a new one. Recently, I have been struggling even more than normal with getting through my days and tasks in some semblance of order. I went and purchased another one. The new one is a very basic model (Palm Z22). Yet, using it this week was a help in getting things done. While I’m not through everything I would like to be by a long shot. I feel a little more like things have a possibility of getting done because I know I have a better way to help me remember things. Perhaps PDA’s are a help to everyone, but for me, they work better than anything else. Will I be accused of having OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in my organization life, hardly. To most people watching me, they may or may not see a difference, to me, it’s made all of it seem a little more manageable.

Which got me thinking about hope…

Hope for a better slightly more organized tomorrow. If the lift I’ve received from that little bit of hope is worth mentioning, how much more should I be hoping in what I read in Scripture?

What do I hope for? Not hope in the sense that I wish such and such would happen, but hope for and expect to happen someday soon.

Could it be that much of hope is more of a wish/pipe dream and less of an expectant waiting?

Just some thoughts.

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