Monday, April 09, 2007

Some days...

Okay, so yesterday was Easter Sunday. All in all it was a good day. That being said; I was not quite at the top of my game. First there was the mistake that I didn't catch in the bulletin and then during the verbal announcements in our service I was interrupted twice by people wanting to add something or clarify it. That threw me off a little. The prayer time went relatively well, except that fewer people than normal shared. I finished the prayer time and then began preaching. My wife then grabbed my attention with her eyes only the way a wife can. I had forgotten all about a baby dedication we were to have done at the front end of the service. Worse yet, I had forgotten what I had prepared to say myself and the "charge" I had planned to give the couple. As I remembered and invited the couple up to the front I was totally flustered. I fumbled my way through the dedication (thankfully the couple and their family were very gracious to me). As I made my way back up on the platform, I started preaching again, not realizing I had forgotten the mic. Then, not as though anyone but me would've noticed, I forgot a portion of my sermon.

I had several people say they appreciated my "humaness". I also had someone compliment me on the Sunday of "recoveries". We always pray that God would work despite of us, this past Sunday I can honestly say I was really banking on it as I shook people's hands on their way out.


Dan Norton said...

Hey Doug,
Nice blog... it was by yet another facebook miracle that I found it! I'm glad to see that you have a good family and job.

I didn't think that Pastors ever made mistakes. It is good to hear one say that he is still a human being (with sincerity). Keep it up!

I also have a blog:

Check it out sometime!

Bryce said...

I am often comforted by the fact that God doesn't work in spite of our humaness but through it.

Good to hear from you!)