Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sitting on the porch with a friend...

Have you ever just sat with an old friend on the porch?
Just sitting, sometimes chatting, sometimes not.
Where just being together is like a healing balm to your whole person. As your body rests from the sitting, your soul rests in the presence of trusted and beloved friend. Have you ever had such a wonderful moment where time slips away but leaves a fabulous warmth in your heart as it does?
Morning pleasures...

Most of us long for those kind of connections. Most of us have no idea how to make those moments happen, or even how to encourage them. So when they do happen we hold onto them like crazy, reliving them many times in our imagination afterwards. The only thing we know is that those moments only come if you give them space. You can’t have moments if you never get together with your friend. If you never carve time out for them you can’t have those moments.

I think sometimes we expect Jesus to show up and do that for us every Sunday. Yet if we never give him the space or time, is that a realistic expectation?

Oh Lord, I so long that you would come soon so that the promises, all the things that up to now fall into that “not yet” category, becomes the now. If not, will you come and be with me today? Will you bring warmth and healing to my stone like heart? Strengthen and encourage, gently teach and show me the way to do all of life better, show all of us how to be your people, your church, your bride.
We love you, but not as much as you love us.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that beautiful prayer. Love, Patricia