Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A sound byte from Bob

I also read Bob Hyatt's blog. Who's Bob Hyatt? I don't know exactly, but he's a pastor with a young church and struggles through things on his blog. So I read...

In a old post today I read this:

...If our mission was to reach these people, we wanted the offense to be in the Gospel, not our polity, ecclesiastical structure, bad coffee... whatever....

Makes sense to me.
(although bob is discussing women in ministry in that post, i think this quote bears repeating on other issues as well)


Trevor said...

Congrats buddy! I haven't been around for a while so I wasn't sure when the littlun was born but I'm glad to hear everything is good. Ah the holidays with a new born. We're just having trouble keeping our tree where it should be and the presents all wrapped. Welcome to an 8 month old with limitless energy. Have a gooder Christmas.

Coutts said...

good quote. followed the link, seems like a good article too. i am a converted complimentarian as well. there is no book i can recommend higher these days (besides the bible) than "finally feminist" by John Stackhouse Jr.

congrats on the baby by the way, its been awhile.