Thursday, January 11, 2007


So the weather has been the predominate subject around here these days.
I don't know how much snow we ended up getting, but for goodness sakes, it's a lot.

I also don't mind admitting I have inquired to a friend about having him do our driveway with his quad/snowplow setup. Yes, I'm wimping out. I'm okay with that. I say, work smarter not harder. Besides, while looking out the window might give you the impression it's a beautiful day, bright sunshine, not a cloud to be seen - I can read a thermometer.

Currently -24.7C on the north side of our house. That's like 5 degrees warmer than when I woke up, but it's still cold.

If you need me. I'll be inside.

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Amanda Franks said...

I was just killing time on the internet and came across your blog. Your kids are adorable and I think I'll stop back here often for your 'church thoughts', seems a lot of people are contemplating things like you. Congrats on your new arrival! Hopefully you all get to sleep again soon! Happy New Year.