Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A quote from my reading today...

The Christian's interest in Scripture has always been in hearing God speak, not in analyzing moral memos. The common practice is to nurture a listening disposition - the involving ear rather than the distancing eye - hoping to become passionate hearers of the word rather than cool readers of the page.

- Eugene H. Peterson
"Working the Angles" p87-88


Jinny and Colin said...

Happy Ordination!!!!

Sam Freedom said...

I understand the allure that such words have. In trying times, they bring a kind of comfort that cannot immediately be found elsewhere. But they can be inscribed upon your heart and, as a truly new man, every fiber of your being - your thoughts, your emotions and your body - will all move as one. And everything last thing about you, from word to action to deed will speak His name.

Thanks and God bless,

Bryce Ashlin-Mayo said...

Always a good reminder from Peterson...thanks for the quote.