Saturday, February 09, 2008


Here's a question for any of the theological thinking types in the crowd (crowd... that's funny): What would make a compelling contemporary photograph of the life of faith?

Let me share why I'm sharing this question, as you may know, I enjoy photography. I also have been somewhat "stuck" creatively. I think part of it is being honest and truly stuck and also the thing I want to try next is going to be difficult I think. Hence the question... how does one take a photograph that shares a story of the life of faith? Not something that encapsulates faith (although that would be neat too), my goals are much smaller, just one aspect of the life of faith. A self imposed rule, no text in the photograph or superimposed over the photograph in post production.

I would love to have enough ideas to have a series in colour and in black and white. In an ideal world I'd like some to be strong enough to stand alone as a photograph that engages the viewer (or even just me), and others that would serve really well as backdrops for powerpoints presentations, or serve in conjunction with presentations (yes I realize that this breaks the no text rule - but I want to start with an image and not text- for this project anyways).

I am not even sure exactly what "kind" of photograph I'm looking for, mostly I'm using this here space to think out loud. Perhaps a still life, or a long exposure nighttime shot, a photograph with people in it, or structures, or simply nature or a combination of any number of those things.

I'll likely post something else about pictures soon... watch this space. Here are some pictures that I think are starting to lean in the direction I'm thinking of, but I really don't know...

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Tara said...

I don't have any ideas... but it's nice to see you blogging :)