Friday, June 06, 2008

Camera update

So London Drugs called, and my camera is back in the province.
Too bad it's three hours to Saskatoon, each way (give or take). But thanks to the www a friend is on their way to pick up the camera. Robyn is heading into the city with her family to catch a wedding. She found out the camera was ready for pickup because of Facebook - which I have linked with my Twitter (think a site that just does status updates, allows me to put those on FB and on the side of my blog over there). I get my camera back without having to drive into the city, she and Garth gets to test drive the D40 for a weekend (my bet is they'll want to buy a new camera soon). We all win.

Expect to be taking pictures some on Monday (my day off!)

Here's the picture of my D40 before it came out of its box.
A New D40 finds a home


Richard Siemens said...

Hurrah for returned cameras!

Tara said...

you spelled RobYn's name wrong... but I'm sure she won't mind :)

Jinny and Colin said...

Hey Doug...Happy that you got your camera back! Also, thanks for being such a great husband to Tara. I'm so glad you guys found each other. :)