Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have no pictures to share of today, I didn't take any, but today was an exemplary day. I had the distinct honour of dedicating three children (all of the same parents) and then I got to baptize 7 (yes, seven) people. As far as I'm concerned, child dedications are the second most fun thing in church services, baptisms are number one.

Really, really good morning, we skipped the sermon, listened to what God has done in these young people's lives and got dunkin'.

Then I fixed the kitchen sink while my brother entertained the boys. Saturday morning the handle to the kitchen sink came off in my hand, bought a new faucet in S'toon saturday, tried installing Saturday night, but it was more than a quick switch as the existing faucet had really long connects and the counter top (actually 2 layers of countertop) was too think for the new faucet's connections. All that to say, it's fixed now.

Then we all went swimming, ate homemade burgers (I'm not sure Dave has had a super thick burger for a while) and talked.

All in all a very good day, but I'm tired, so goodnight.

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