Thursday, February 19, 2009

Even after

even after
(Click on the image for some of the details on how this image was taken.)

Even after all these years (it will be ten years married the end of July) she'll still kiss me on occasion.

I need to share with you all how much my wife rocks. She is a blogging machine (1016 posts as of today!), she truly cares for a lot of people - even when she says she doesn't, she cares for our kids and will relentlessly pursue what's best for them, she laughs at my stupid jokes (which is great evidence of long suffering). I truly do love her. Our life together has been an incredible ride, up and down and all over. As we start on a new chapter of adventures there is no one else I'd rather have with me.

(I decided to post this on both blogs...)


Tarasview said...

I love you too :)

Nessa said...

Beautiful pic! Your rockin' wife is one of my very favorite bloggers.

Jinny and Colin said...

You are so sweet Doug. I'm glad that you found each other. :) I remember seeing you guys together for the first time at a Singspiration. It had already started, you guys were near the front by an aisle, singing and holding hands. Tara saw me, smiled huge and pointed at you. It was cute. You guys are great. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

She is pretty terrific!