Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To the city!

So we start our trip to the city of Saskatoon today. Appointment for Aiden. It's a big day. We have tons to do yet, to pack to sort through, to arrange. As overwhelmed as I was yesterday, I have faith today that it might get done. Truck will be here to be loaded Thursday morning. We will drive away on Friday morning.

Had a wonderful evening last night visiting with our neighbors. Had a great visit yesterday afternoon with some folks from the church who stopped by with a little gift for my desk to remember them and here with.

Have been praying in my head for lots of things, lots of people - here, there and everywhere.

Oh and tomorrow I've been volunteered to help take the grade one class swimming. I could be the only Dad going (aka boys change room supervisor). Sheesh.

Hope today is a great day for you and yours.

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Tarasview said...

now what would the teachers do without you?? :)