Tuesday, February 24, 2009

not quite what was expected

So today was weird. She posted the stuff about the appointment, didn't turn out at all like we hoped. That took the wind out of the sails a little.

Aside from that, we did some shopping at Wally world and ate at MickeyD's.  I walked through London Drugs today and was a little saddened that a few of the cameras I've been quietly (and unexpectantly) dreaming about are priced higher than I expected, oh well, c'est la vie.

So when we heard the results of this long awaited and might I add seemingly providentially provided appointment, it kinda was a low point.  We had a short visit with my sister in law, the kids were done, but it was nice to see her.  My brother is away on business and it may be some time before we see them again, which is very sad.  
   Then on the drive home, things started out kinda somber and then we had a great talk and things seem a little brighter, albeit overwhelming with the move, the future, and just life.  But it seems we talk the best while driving, perhaps because there's less distractions and the kids are strapped in and we don't need to chase them out of stuff.

Now I've taken a large shelf apart, packed a bunch of boxes from my workshop (sheesh I have a lot of junk) and now I'm done.  Tired from driving in the snow (almost hit a bus), tired from the news, from packing, from a long day.

So goodnight folks, tomorrow is a new day.  


Tarasview said...

ya. it sucked.

but I still love you.

and I'm glad we didn't hit that bus.

Amanda Daybyday said...

I'm glad you didn't hit the bus either. And I've always loved road trips with Brian...something about them. See my comment on Tara's blog Doug...sorry to hear. Have a good move, will be thinking of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Almost hit a bus, you say??????????