Friday, July 10, 2009


It's Friday and Sunday's coming. I have been thinking about Sunday all week, and was thinking about it all last week too. Randall was talking about this Sunday on his blog today and it prompted me a little to blog about what's in my head.

I don't know if other pastors are like me, but it seems that summers mess with my head. People are coming and going, vacationing and travelling, busy and resting and it seems that services take a hit in attendance.

It can be hard to tell if people are slipping through the cracks, feeling disconnected from the church or if they are simply running around. Are people really busy, or are they taking a break from things to see how they feel. Are they doing it deliberately or does it just happen unconsciously? Those are the questions that sometimes run through my head. So I pray. So I lift up our people to God and hope that he prompts me to connect with those that need it and that others will connect with each other too.

Just because you can go to the beach, doesn't mean you no longer need community, and encouragement. So this Sunday, I think we're going to look at a Psalm and consider prayer some. We'll be meeting in the Cooper park, if you're around at 6:00pm stop by.

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Randall said...

yup, exactly you got it right.

New guy in newtown trying to figure out who belongs and who is a visitor.


Hope you're doing alright out there guy.

I miss being closer.