Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I sit here on the couch at the end of a Sunday. It feels like it has been a long day. Spent the morning going over my notes for this evening's service, and pouring over the computer trying to get more information on the forest fires in the Kelowna area (Tara's Aunt, Uncle and some other family live in the area). Then I tried to clean our van out some, which took a little more time then expected.
Went at four to help with the setup for our service. You know I love our church, it was good to see them. Good in the same way as a favorite comfort food is good when you're really hungry. Fills you up. Does that make sense?

We have been holding our services outside this summer, it's been really nice. Tonight I enjoyed it greatly, although preaching into the sun can be challenging. Couple of things happened today that I wanted to share.

The usual practice for Sunday afternoons goes something like this, those helping set up meet at 4 and we set up all the gear, when all that is setup and the whole music team has arrived then we take time to pray and then there is some rehearsal and at 6 we start our service. That is, more or less what we do.

Today however I somehow got all mixed up and wh
ile the music team was rehearsing I had it in my head that we had begun the service. Now I don't wear a watch, I often use my camera to tell time (although I have to take a picture first!). There was fourteen people assembled already and I thought that was the group we were going to have.

Interesting little dialogue went on in my head at that point, me and God talking some things through. I was clearly reminded that it's not my church. It's his, and he's called me to serve, to care for those that are there. Then, someone told me the time, still 40 minutes until the service is due to start. Okay, point taken, lesson learned.

Then after the service I realized that one family arrived to church in their sailboat. They had been out on the water all day and decided to take the boat up river and sail to church. That was a first for me. I had never before seen anyone come to church in a sailboat/yacht. How cool is that?!

And, tonight we've started to make some contact with our family in the Kelowna area, so far it appears that Tara's Aunt and Uncle's home is still intact. That seems like a miracle to me, but what do I know?

All I know is that hearing voices on the phone is a good thing. Hearing a voice is better than just receiving word. So that is today.

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