Saturday, July 04, 2009


Ever had a week where you found that your objections to things, are totally dumb. The things you find yourself objecting to could be regular chores, social gatherings, or just simple requests that people ask of you, things that are no big deal. Yet, there is a stubbornness inside that just doesn't seem to dissolve. That ever happen to you? Ya me too.
What do you do? I start praying. I know that sounds like a very pastoral kind of answer. But that's what I am, that and I find that God is the only one who I can verbalize all my stupid rationalizations, he listens and after verbalizing them to him I realize how dumb I'm being.
I start to sense some the things that are good in my life; certainly there are things I need to work on, but I am loved, by a few people and by God.

Now what remains is to keep moving forward, even though you feel like the world has chewed on you a bit.

(For what it's worth this photo very narrowly won a simple Facebook photo contest)

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Tarasview said...

nooooo, I'm never stubborn.


not me.