Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something new... but not really

Music, Pictures, food and friends. Sound like a good time? Well one of the photographers I follow a little online Chase Jarvis posts about an event he and a friend put together. Now Chase has access to some "A" List kind of people, but the basic premise is this:

Get a really great spread of food.
Get a really cool big room.
Get some sound gear together
Get some photo gear together
Then put some musicians in the room and keep them fed and give em drink and watch and listen to what happens.

Spontaneous music and laughter, with pictures taken from inside the event (rather than the outside). The pictures that Chase took at this event are real. They make you feel like you were there.

Does this give anyone else ideas for stuff you could do with your friends?
It has put a couple thoughts in my head that I might just try and see what comes of it. It's the kind of idea that makes me wonder why we haven't seen more of it before? So it's new, but not really, this is the way a lot of people just are...

If you're interested in finding out more, check out "Songs for eating and drinking"

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ONE POT said...

hey Doug - Thanks for the thoughtful words - the night was remarkable - and i do hope that people borrow appropriate out n out steal the ideas - nothing new here indeed - just the same thing that we have been doing since someone first made a fire - be well - michael hebb.