Friday, August 08, 2008

this was supposed to be...

this was supposed to be my blog post that celebrates 08/08/08 (I will still likely do that, I just think it's neat). But I can't think about that stuff yet because there are so many things bouncing around in my head that I can't sleep (despite it being 12:15AM and that I'm wiped out).

So you ask, what are you thinking about, in no particular order:

wife (specifically mine-- she's cute)
ice cream (with maple syrup)
Zune (the music player my wife won but can't use cause she has a mac)
I would've picked Twitch over Joshua, but I'm pleased
Meetings can be long
Jack Johnson
why my son wore a pull up over top of his underwear to bed
need to do a computer back up tomorrow
why does it appear that when you and I disagree that we both be right?
sometimes there's too many voices that even silence doesn't help
life is sometimes hard
I like Canada
thankful for people who pray for me
thankful that God answers some of those prayers
thankful that God shows up
wishes learning didn't hurt my head so much
(to say nothing of the ego)
how can you tell if you're being too hard on yourself
I'm thinking I love telling my kids that I love them and have them say "I know Dad, I love you too"
nothing is better than being with the people I love.
sometimes even short phone calls are good.

A few of my thoughts- there's more in there but how do you type the formless cloud of emotion that sometimes hits your head when you're thinking too much and too tired.

God used this to speak to me today.

Hope you're sleeping as I post this and that tomorrow rises bright and clean - a brand new day.

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Tara said...

I love you.