Monday, September 22, 2008

My photos... something new for me.

Today I set up a Photrade account and uploaded seventy some pictures.  In their words: is a new photo site that pays users for each view of their pictures. Photrade combines the best of photo sharing, stock photography, and photo sales PLUS the ability for users to earn ad revenue. 

Essentially it seems that it is a photosharing site that will give money to the photographer for the number of views on your pictures.  I actually started the account a couple of months ago and put up about 4 or 5 pictures.  I made $0.01 from those photos over a month with very few views.  So now, I've got 78 photos up and we'll see what they do.  I have made all them available for purchase even.  So if you like one of them you could conceivably order a print or coffee mug or sweatshirt or whatever made up with that picture on it and they will deliver it to you.   You can even purchase a license to use a photo in a project you are working on.

I will be watching and posting here what my experience is with all of this.    If you're interested, just go and check it out.  Thanks in advance...


Tara said...

yes. making money is a grand idea.

And since you take such great pictures it is only logical people will be willing to spend bags of money on them :)

Richard Siemens said...

Weird - I was just looking at Photrade yesterday. I didn't really have time to give it a thorough examination. Maybe I'll let you test it out for a bit before I jump in :)

FYI - your last link goes to
instead of

timsdd said...

sweet! I just viewed 52 or so of your pictures, lot of good ones. Good news is that you'll now double your earnings :-D

here is mine:

Tara said...

I gave you an award today-

VeRonda said...

Hey Doug! I will check out the link and thanks for the info... I'm sure my Hubby will like this, too. He's a picture taking fanatic.

Shash said...

Hi I am an online friend of Tara's, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

What kind of camera do you use?
What is your favourite time of day/light/condition to take a photo?