Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not the greatest way to wake up

Owen woke up quite early this morning and, as we have instructed him, he came into my room looking for some help.  What help did I offer my beloved son?  I scared him silly.  Now do you have any idea how strange a sensation it is to wake up yelling at your son for no reason whatsoever?  I have no clue why I responded that way; usually I groggily wake up and say "huh?" if I wake up at all, yet this morning I woke up to find myself yelling at my son.  I can only guess that he startled me and I in turn startled him.  The whole house woke up.  Four in the morning is not a good time for any of us to be awake if it can be helped.  Not only did I take a decade or so off of my son's life, I think my wife is more gray today than she was yesterday, as the sound of my yelling, followed by the fearful noises (I can't even remember what sounds he made) of my son jolted her awake like nothing.

As we all resettled to sleep a few more hours before school Owen said to me, as I apologized profusely, he said "Daddy, don't ever do that again, I didn't like it all!"  I guess.

So we're all a little tired today.

edit: My wife blogged about this here.


Tarasview said...

bwahahaha we rock. :)

debrowns said...

Please don't take this the wrong way but I liked Tara's account of this story better :)