Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If I can get you to focus on the fraying hat, maybe you won't see the parts of me that are fraying.

I haven't said much about this here, but my wife has, today, here, here, here, and other places that I'm too lazy to link to. My son struggles with school. He gets so upset at something and doesn't know how to deal with it so he either runs away or tries to run away from the school. Today he succeeded, again.

It is hard to know your child is struggling so much with something that is such a 'normal' part of life. We are trying to sort it all out. To do the most we can to encourage him, to make him feel loved, to help him see that some of the things he does isn't good.  

But on days like today, well, I feel frayed. But maybe it's just the hat.


Carolynn said...

Doug & Tara,

You are the best parents your children could possibly have. Thanks for sharing your struggles and your triumphs! You are not alone in these - we are praying for you!

Love to all!

Amanda Daybyday said...

I LOVE this photo. It's really good Doug. Really.

On the other hand, I hate seeing what you guys are going through. Just know you're all in my prayers.

Richard Siemens said...

I had no idea about your son. You'll be in our prayers too.

(great photo - self portrait? If so, how did you get the focus on the front of the hat without someone behind the camera?)

Patricia Ward said...


I love this photo! I'm praying for you. Know that you're doing a wonderful job of dealing with Aiden. I see you to be a patient and loving dad. Resist the fray!

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