Monday, October 27, 2008


encouragement card 
God has been challenging me with some things lately.  He's been doing it 'quietly' in the sense that there isn't any major crisis, tragedy or meltdown bringing it about.  

I wrote the other day about finding an encouragement card from my Bible school days in a Bible from my High School/ CBC days.

That has got me thinking a little bit about the things that we believe strongly are important.  The building blocks of ideas that we start from when we go and do what we do.  Encouragement is one of the things that God has used to push me to grow.  Yet often I'm not very good at passing it on.  I try, often half heartedly, because I feel like there's so much else going on that it gets bumped down the list.  This got me thinking about the other things that we believe are fundamental to what we do.  The basic building blocks upon which we know we should be doing life and ministry (paid or not).

I found this, through a relatively long and twisting path through the interweb.  That links to a .pdf file.  It's written by a guy who works for a non-profit group.  It's good, read it.  I found it to be very thought provoking.

What do you think?

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The Mind of a Mom said...

HI Doug

I am here from your wife's blog. I am from your old stomping ground Stoney Creek.

I truly believe that the lord will never give us any more then we can handle and will give us a path (purpose) to follow because he knows we are the best chosen one's to help do his job.

When you think you can't show encouragement it is probably the time when you are showing it best unknowingly. In other words you are stronger and smarter then you think but the Lord already knows that so that is why you are made to do. The Lord sees that your way is best for others to learn from. Where others show it in different ways and those that learn from that person are meant to learn from them. It's a master mystery plan.

I looked about your blog and your photo's are wonderful the pictures of Tara and the kids are so cute.

Have a great day
Blessing be with you