Friday, October 31, 2008

Post Halloween

After the night is all said and done.  I must say that Halloween here in our little town is, dare I even say it?  Nice.  Folks start trick or treating just after school and it tapers off significantly by 6 or 7.  I suppose I know this (as this is the fourth halloween we've had here) but it's so far from what I have always known Halloween to be that I forget.  

It was nice to see some folks and to have everything be less hectic and halloween'ish if you take my meaning.  

Kids are going to be nuts tomorrow.  Sheesh.  
It's all good. Tara will likely post pictures tomorrow too...
'Til later.


Randall Friesen said...

Hope the kids made it through yesterday ok.


Jinny said...

Most posts please. :)