Friday, October 24, 2008

Jelly Telly

Back in April I blogged about Big Idea. Since then I have been following Phil Vischer's blog. He and his new team have a new project that is just about off the ground. The name of this new project is "jelly telly". They are very close to be up and running, but right now there is a preview video up on the main site. It's long, almost a half hour and it starts with Phil sharing his vision and then some of the content.
The content of this thing will be delivered via the internet and it looks like it will be a subscription kid of a thing. Phil mentions in one post that it's kinda like Nickleoden meets Sesame street. Puppets, simple animation and some live action stuff. They are looking for content from people too.

So far it looks really cool, honestly this stuff is good, Check it out.

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