Sunday, November 16, 2008

thoughts in my head

For some time (a little more than a year) I have been following Post Secret.
It's a project where Frank, reads hand made post cards that are sent to him anonymously.  On the post cards people share secrets they have.  
I find that it's something that helps me stay compassionate when I tempted to throw up defenses around me.  A lot of people carry secrets.  Some are silly, some are scary.  Secrets, I think, can be heavy to carry with you. 

Lately I've been reflecting on the love of Christ for all.  Certainly not a new thought, certainly not the makings of a blog post that will cause all else to stop what they're doing and flock here to read it, but even after being a Christian since I was four, I uncover more about it.  I remember things, things I know the Scriptures say, things I have said/done that don't measure up to that rule of love and yet, to borrow a phrase from "The Shack" - God is still fond of me.

In spite of everything this world would have that would seek to undo us, tear us down, God loves us, he likes us (maybe not what we do), he is fond of us, he cherishes us.

So, ya, no new thoughts here, but thoughts that my heart has needed and I'm willing to bet that a few others need it to, if not everyone.

God is fond of "them" too, whoever "them" is.

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