Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daddy plays with camera, Olivia reads and jokes around

So tonight Olivia played with the camera...

She looked at her book while I played with lights
(for those who care... these were taken with a Vivitar 283 and a Metz MecaBlitz both old as the hills. The Metz was shot through a scrim triggered by Cactus V2s and the Vivitar triggered optically)

Olivia hamming it up with a toque.

Here she is reminding us she is cute == Here she's telling me she's bored

Thinking about life with hats.

Well, she's researching barnyard dancing.

Maybe one day I'll really figure out how to balance multiple flashes. If you're not a camera geek the following might be boring.
The Vivitar I have is very easy to set power level on. The Metz flash units (I have 4 of them) I don't use often as you set the power levels by telling the Thyristor what your camera settings are. Trouble is, the thyristor in the flash is not at the same location as the camera, so I've been having problems figuring out how to meter the flash so that I can balance it with another strobe or with ambient light.


Jinny and Colin said...

Love the new template and the pictures you've been posting. I really like the pics from two posts ago, the lighting is awesome. Tara looks so beautiful. I wish I had your skills as a photographer. I guess it would help if I took pictures more often and practiced. :)

Andra said...

People should read this.