Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My cat

Well, everyone here is ill.  Except me, I'm fine.  Asthma, while not a condition I suffer from, stinks.  It seems to make everyone at my house susceptible to colds.  After a while I feel like SuperMan for never getting sick.Ah... you were wondering about the title of this post.  Well, my cat has recently been the cause of some angry thoughts bouncing through my head.  He likes to get me up at around 3:30 AM so I can let him out.  I have had malicious thoughts of shooting him with my airsoft gun.  Thoughts, that when I confessed them to my precious better half elicited a thorough chastising.  So no, I won't be using it on the cat.
Isn't he handsome?  Yes? Well, he is a little daft.  He follows us to school (his name is Shadow).  He eats people food, you know things like Cheerios, peas, crackers and the like.  He drools when he's purring, making it very nice to pet him.  And we saw him on the neighbors roof the other day.  He's very nice, but very weird, as far as cats go.  And with that I'll be done this post.

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I can surely relate with you and the cat. I've felt like I'm losing my mind lately with Jim working til 2:30am and coming home to 2 giant, jumping, barking, fighting-for-attention dogs. URG!!! :S
Leslie R