Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo linky goodness

The other day Richard linked to a bunch of photo stuff. He was talking mostly of inspiration that he uses.
I'm going to list some of the links I peruse, both for inspiration, learning and just plain old information. I have more links that I pull out if I can't find what I'm looking for in this heap, like a solution to a problem or whatever.
salguodbocaj - View my favorites on Flickriver

Flickr - great for finding whatever - be careful, can be a time sink.
The people on Flickr I'm following is here. A little bit of everything in there. A grouping of my Flickr faves is here (or here in flickriver).
Strobist pool of photos
Christian Photographer Fellowship on Flickr pool
Nikon D40/X Users pool
There's lots more too but I'll leave it at that from Flickr for now.
Also, if you're a Flickr user try out Flickrleech, a great way to indulge in a little visual gluttony!

Some other places aside from flickr
Strobist - Off camera flash and all round learning
A Little News - Christian photojournalist who I read, great thing to get you thinking
Chase Jarvis - this guy is a lifestyle photographer, awesome stuff
Joe McNally - this guy has done it all, and is likely as famous as photographers go
Meejahor - A photojournalist in the UK who's stuff I've been following
Ryan Brenizer - Wedding photographer, editorial and all around camera geek. (great guy to follow!!)
Moose News Blog - Moose Peterson Photography
DPReview - for the latest info on gear and great in depth reviews
Photoshop Insider - Photography and post processing
Krista Jefferson Photography - friend and awesome photographer
Regis Lefebure Photography - found through a blog, this guy takes really neat photos
ProPhoto Resource - I've just started using this site, I've read the articles by Kirk Tuck, good stuff. (You need to be a member to read this site)
TWIP (This Week In Photography)- A new(ish) site that seems to be really good. Has podcasts and regular posts.

There's so much out there on the web to get your brain spinning about photography. You may have noticed that many of these are blogs. I've found some of these blogs to be amazing ways to learn and be inspired. I use Google Reader to bring them all to one place. Some days my Google Reader is quite full and it's like drinking from a fire hose, but all in all it's been good to keep tabs on this stuff. Most of all though, it helps me remember to pick up my camera and take pictures. For me, that's the important part...
Happy shooting.


Krista Jefferson Photography said...

I am humbled you include me in that list.

Keep snapping - love seeing your photos!

Richard Siemens said...

Hmmm - I wonder if there is a way to export my Photo folder from Google Reader...

I'll be checking out the sites in your list that I don't have in mine. Thanks man!