Sunday, March 16, 2008

hidden beauty

hidden crystals
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I used this picture this morning in my sermon. I found this underneath our rain barrel that the boys had put in the middle of the yard late last fall. It had bugged me a little all winter that it was in the "wrong" spot and so yesterday I went to move it.

I flipped it over and found this. I thought it was really beautiful. Imagine that beauty where I expected to find nothing but dead grass and mud.

Today was a bittersweet day. I thought our service went very very well. I thought that while it likely wasn't the best sermon I had ever preached that it was a solid effort both in content and delivery (and what more can you want anyway?). That being said, some "stuff" happened. It was enough to make the rest of the day a little lousy (not to mention that it's snowing again).

I suppose I need to listen to myself; I need to find the beauty where I was expecting only dead grass and mud.

"Dear God,

Allow me to see the world through your eyes. Allow me to speak your words both in the pulpit and in the rest of my life. Give me wisdom and peace in knowing you. Would you help me and my family in all things. Thank you for your faithfulness. Amen."

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Randall said...

Hang in there guy.

I gotta believe that there are some pretty good looking crystals being formed in your life in times like these.

I know the struggle. Work hard, do your best, and crap happens anyway.

just hang in there ok?