Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Randall wrote a little about silence this week. It always seems that whenever you attempt to carve out some time for silence or something like that, life conspires against you to see that it doesn't happen.

I know I need silence. I know I need space. Yet often I fear silence. I remember telling someone when I was in high school when they commented on the loud volume of my headphones while I was listening to my Walkman (remember those!), I said: All music sounds better if it's really loud.

I don't think that anymore, but I still fear silence, not as much as I did then, but it's intimidating somehow.

How do you find silence (if you can) and what do you do once you get there?


Tara said...

oh I WISH I could find silence. And after I am done sleeping I would read. A lot. And then sleep some more.

Randall said...


Maybe it just takes practice, at first a little bit at a time.

Then add a bit more and a bit more, hopefully you find it grows you a bit, and you can't do without it...