Thursday, April 10, 2008


Some time ago my wife somehow heard about "Twitter" which essentially tells the world what you're doing. Twitter is much like Facebook status updates and I likely will tie the two together.
She said
"you should add that to your blog"
I replied
"who'd want to read that"
she said
"I would, and who else matters"
"uh.......... should we watch Corner Gas or CSI?"

(I'm pretty sure it went down like that)

Anyways, for all of you (singular) that are interested I've added Twitter to my blog so you can now stalk me from the comfort of your computer chair. If you Twitter add me and then I can stalk you back.

Man, I feel like a twit.


Tara said...

you're funny.
and I love you.
even if you are a twit.

Jinny and Colin said...

hey dougy,
I tagged you on my blog. Muahahahaha!