Saturday, May 03, 2008

My wife's contests...

Seeing how many of my blog readers come from my wife's blog (thanks by the way), most of you will know this already.

My wife likes to enter contests online. I have decided that she is either incredibly lucky or she is just able to enter many contests that are hurting for contestants; because, well, I end up getting packages at the post office usually three times a week. Books, kids clothes, some handmade jewelry, hand cream, laundry detergent , these are some of the things that I end up picking up at the post office. At least one of the guys at the post office laughs at me when I bring in the little "item" cards from our box to the counter - "maybe this one will be for you" he says, then walks back and gets the packages, returns and says "nope."

Anyhow, my wife entered a contest about "Mommy moments" (entering a photo I took) and she is a finalist, she made the shortlist of 20 out of 400 some odd entrants. The prize is $1000. So, if you would, go vote for her here.

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Jinny and Colin said...

I too am often jealous of all the stuff your lucky wife wins...hehehe...though I guess I can't win things if I don't enter contests.